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All the basic needs of citizens should be covered by the state through public enterprises.

Basic needs have constant - inelastic demand and therefore cannot be subject to the capitalist system, that is speculation.
Public enterprises due to lack of motivation, efficiency and control underperform and they don't deliver the expected and often become the subject of corruption.
Competition will eventually solve all problems and the profit of companies will be minimized and so the cost of products will be the same as the one of a public service.
There are many administrative tools for the public enterprises to become profitable such as fair evaluation, control and transparency.
Past has shown that markets are not adequately self adjusted . In capitalism powerful companies finally realize that competition is not in their interest as it reduces the profits of all and therefore they end up, through negotiations or without, in concerted practices. This has little significance in luxurious products but it is unacceptable when it comes to basic goods and services.