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The socialist ideology and consumerism are incompatible.

Consumerism nurtures and perpetuates the capitalist system so it is contradictory to a socialist, and therefore anti-capitalist, ideology.
Marx sees consumerism as one of the big humanizing aspects of capitalism and one that would continue to exist, and most probably increase under socialism.
Consumerism hurms the enviroment and ecology is interwoven with left wing politics.
Capitalism has no need of consumerism. The markets adapt to people's needs whatever they are.
Although socialism may increase overall consumption, initially and for a long time, will do this driven by fair and reasonable production and distribution, so many secondary products shall have no place in this system , as their demand is currently based on the unequal distribution of wealth. So every anti-capitalist must not become addicted to consumerism.
The development of renewable energy seems to suggest that consumerism can potentially exist without exploiting the environment. In capitalism, the environmental contamination is not inevitable , it is selected though, in order to reduce production costs.
If everyone bought only the essential , unemployment would rise sharply, wages would fall tremendously, people would be hungry and capitalism would collapse . This is due to the effectiveness of our times in production, in which only a very small percentage of the workforce is needed to meet everyone's basic needs.