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   This webpage is an effort to record all the basic arguments as they are found on the internet regarding controversial issues. There are , of course, several remarkable webpages which list in detail the main arguments for each topic. But arguments are not just words on paper. They are syllogisms, which as soon as they are opposed, they are meant to bring up a very specific result. So they must be juxtaposed rather than just listed and the prevalence of some arguments is not a matter of preference , 'upvote' or 'like' but the result of logical operation. So, in this webpage a logical result is presented and it is expected to be temporary and to change depending on the arguments participating.
   In this effort we call every visitor, who feels that can contribute, to help through his comments on the disqus section in the first phase. The ultimate goal is the final form of this page to be a project of collective administration resembling the wikipedia standards.

Legalization of same-sex couples' adoption is something just.TRUE
Communism has foundational and practical problems.TRUE
Capitalism has foundational and practical problems.TRUE
Social democracy has foundational and practical problems.TRUE
Nationalism is an irrational belief.TRUE
State and church should be completely separated.TRUE
Cannabis should be decriminalized.TRUE
It is reasonable for anyone who has nothing to hide to support the abolition of cash.TRUE
Under current circumstances free trade and free capital flow is beneficial for the majority of the people in the world.FALSE
Intellectual property must always be respected.FALSE
There should be free movement of people among countries without restrictions.FALSE
Direct democracy is functional and applicable to every political issue.CONTROVERSIAL
Population control must be used in order to confront poverty.FALSE
All the basic needs of citizens should be covered by the state through public enterprises.TRUE
The socialist ideology and consumerism are incompatible.TRUE
The existence of free will, at a level that it will make someone morally responsible for his actions, it is less likely than its non existence.TRUE